Commercial Insurance in Springhill, LA

Commercial Insurance in Springhill, LA

Protect Your Goods While in Transit

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When you're moving forest products over land, by truck or by train, or when it's temporarily housed by a third party, you need to make sure your products, materials and equipment are covered. Collisions and cargo theft are the two most frequent causes of losses, so ensure your goods are covered by commercial insurance. Call Pace Insurance today at 318-539-2551 to discuss your insurance needs in Springhill, LA.

Various coverage types available


  • Commercial vehicle
  • Commercial property
  • Equipment
  • Workers' compensation

  • Pace Insurance provides different coverage options so your moveable forest goods are protected from the moment they are picked up until delivery, including any stops in between. Choices include:

    • Goods that are in transit
    • Goods that are at a 3rd party location
    • The equipment used to transport goods


    Learn more about insurance options for your company's focus

    From dealers to secondary market manufacturers and processors, Pace Insurance offers a variety of insurance policy options for the forest products industry. We offer competitive pricing for insurance needs of various businesses, including:

    • Loggers
    • Lumber mills
    • Furniture manufacturers
    • Log distributors
    • Pallet shops
    • Pulp and paper companies
    • Wood processors

    Pace Insurance is happy to discuss your business and how insurance can help protect your company. Call 318-539-2551 for more information about our insurance policies.